About us


CLTV Media is global portal for Events, Parties, Carnival and Tourism - providing premier information about each country and cities we visit.

Our mission is to bring various international and regional parties, events and carnival festivities to web viewers, highlighting the importance of culture and tradition through annual event celebrations.

CLTV Media viewers will experience events and explore the world through videos, photos, the latest music, customized recommendations, original Webisodes, up to date event information. We also engage our audience through trivia challenges, providing relevant news, and giving our audience an opportunity to share their experiences and lifestyles.

CLTV Media viewers get an up close and personal experience of events of each counties or cities that we visit through a local and touristic perspective. The focal point is maintaining carnival and festival history through media with highlights of local events and parties, the best places to stay and new developments, restaurants, tourism events and celebrations.

CLTV Media provides our audience an unparalleled digital experience directly through our website and through our Festival Pulse show.