Antigua & Barbuda

One of the two island that make up Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua is renowned for its 365 beaches and the coral reefs that wrap around it like a stunning, living, colorful scarf. Once used for defense by the British, these reefs are now a main attraction for tourists who come from near and far to relax and explore Antigua. From its flourishing capital, St. John’s, to any of it’s 5 other parishes, there are plenty of hidden gems and paths to explore. Let yourself get dazzled by its colorful houses, a reflection of the wildlife that teems in the reefs that lace it’s crystal blue waters. Most importantly, let yourself fall in love with the beauty that is Antigua.



Garden Grill

Located in Dutchman’s Bay, Garden Grill provides fresh and delicious food. Many rave about their their beef and turkey burgers, but the restaurant has plenty of offers for vegans as well. Garden grill offers vegan friendly options like their delicious Herb salad and their Quinoa fresco salad. Enjoy the benefits of island life with their catch of the day fresh from the water and straight off the grill. With a modern twist to classics, coupled with the spices of the caribbean, Garden Grill is a must visit for fresh food lovers.

Tucker on the grill

You can find gourmet BBQ with a caribbean twist at Tucker on the Grill. This weekend restaurant is only opened on Fridays and Saturdays; perfect days to grab a beer and burger while you kick back with friends. Enjoy the well seasoned beef burgers, shrimp, fries, and lobster! Get your hands dirty and your belly filled with dishes that will have you cleaning your plate and coming back for seconds, if your belly can take it.


One Stone Ital Shack (Country Pond)

If you are well versed in the language of Rastas you know that ital food is a vegan heaven! This makes One Stone Ital Shack one of the island’s premiere places for vegan food with a caribbean kick. From golden apple juice to cassava balls and fried peas, One Stone offers a variety of island flavored vegan dishes. Sit and enjoy these healthy and delicious dishes, served in traditional clay pots, under their humongous mango tree.

South Point (Jolly Harbour)

The hotel restaurant provides an eclectic mix of global cuisine in a “island chic”. South Point’s restaurant provides dishes from Asia to the Middle East with the freshest ingredients in a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere. Locally sourced ingredients, paired with expert skill, provide complex flavors that make for exquisite date night food. These flavors extend to their cocktails that infuse in season fruits like soursop to get guests tipsy with that island feel. Sit down, enjoy the view of the water and indulge in global cuisine paired with some of the best cocktails on the island!



The Verandah Resort & Spa

The Verandah Resort and Spa is a place for lovers of water and trees. Lush vegetation laces the 30 acres of topaz blue waters and lures hotel guests into the deepest relaxation. This resort offers guests plenty of Suites and Villas that ensure privacy and present you with the stunning views of the ocean and lush vegetation. Unwind by lounging at any of their 3 freshwater pools, 2 white sand beaches, or by treating yourself to one of their superb spa treatments.

Cocobay Resort

Cocobay is an all inclusive adult only resort. For lovers, Cocobay is home to quaint pastel cottages nestled along a hillside that provides an unbelievable view of the brightest turquoise waters. As if breathtaking beaches and cottages on the hillside were not enough, Cocobay Resort also offers Pool Cottages that provide you and your lover the chance to dip and relax in private infinity plunge pools. Avoid the hassle of crowded pools and beaches with these fresh water private pools.

Ocean Point Resort & Spa

This adult only resort provides you the option of getting a massage while facing one of its two beaches. Built in a Mediterranean style any of it’s rooms from its Ocean Front to its Suites emit a delicate grace helps highlight the island’s breathtaking beauty. Let yourself be charmed by the friendly staff and enjoy the perks of being in an environment free of children and the fuss that comes with them.

Trade Winds Hotel

Silence is part of this hidden gem’s charm. All about intimacy, this hotel ensures that you get to enjoy the beauty of Antigua in a serene environment. A well rounded hotel, it caters for both personal and professional travelers. Tucked away in lush gardens littered with stunning Bougainvillea, this 50 room hotel provides guests with a sense of community and comfort that is mirrored by the professionalism of the staff. When you’re not dipping into the Ocean or the hotel’s fresh water pool enjoy some of Bay Garden Restaurant’s delectable dishes. The restaurant’s mix of caribbean and international cuisine reflects the perfect balance of this well rounded hotel.



Happy Heights Hiking Tours

If you’re interested in exploring the hidden beauty of Antigua by foot with a group or in a private tour Happy Heights Hiking Tour led by expert guide Nick is a great way to do so. There are several tour options which enables the energetic and nature loving tourist the chance to take in as much of Antigua as possible. Explore hidden trails, photograph stunning panoramic views, get a little exercise, and enjoy some fresh local juice. You might even make some new friends on this excursion.

Carnival Monday & Tuesday

Any true carnival junkie knows that no two carnivals are the same. Antiguan carnival is no exception. The people of Antigua bring their unique customs, brightest feathers, and sweetest waistlines on the road for two days of bacchanal. Don’t miss the culmination of Antiguan soca and festivity that is Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Breakfast Fete

Beautiful people bring high energy and plenty of vibes at this event. Eat, drink, and dance while the hottest DJ’s play music that keep you up well past sunrise. Bring your best outfit and your entire squad to feel pampered while you party.

Drink Till Ya Weak Cruise

Four boats means four times the opportunity to pelt waist. Join Antiguan feters for this all inclusive food and drinks event. Experience the Antiguan vibe on their crystal blue waters with drinks, food, and beautiful people galore!


Caribbean Melting Pot

Is a celebration of caribbean music and culture through concert. From local to regional talents, this concert brings together musical acts from all across the caribbean. Infused with the vibe of the Antiguan crowd the energy is high and the vibes will have you rocking all night.