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Fire Festival


Santiago de Cuba

We Love Cuba!

Travel with us to the “Fire Festival” on the history rich island destination of Cuba.

Looking Back

The CLTV presentation for the 2017, 37th Annual Fire Festival was truly one for the History books, as the first group with such a multicultural background, including persons from the United States, the Caribbean & Europe to ever touch the stage in Santiago, leading the way with our own music truck & DJ. Specially designed costumes added the icing to the cake of our trip.

What’s in store for 2018?

Have you ever partied in a Cave? Well if you miss this trip you have no one but yourself to blame. Along with the full experience of the 38th Annual Fire Festival, CLTV Tours will take you across the country for the tour of a lifetime, filled with Cuban favourites and hidden treasures along the way. With even more unique and interesting tours, music, salsa (classes included); this experience has been hand tailored just for you based on our intimate knowledge of both carnivals and the beautiful island of Cuba.


So if you’re looking for that perfect Cuba invitation, look no further. Couple your access to this exclusive destination with off the chart experiences with CLTV Tours. You can’t do it alone, so come to Cuba with us!