The country Grenada is comprised of several small islands and a main island that is also called Grenada. Best known for their spice exports, the Island of Spice brings new twist to island life. It’s six parishes are surrounded by pristine white sand beaches that hide some of the most unique underwater gems the Caribbean Sea has to offer. Dive in and explore vibrant coral reefs, thriving sea life, and the unbelievably stunning Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park. Get out of the water and onto the land to explore some of the land that provides their primary exports; nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, and ginger. Mingle with the exuberant people of Grenada in their capital of St. George’s, marvel at their colorful homes, and enjoy all the delicious food Grenada has to offer.



BB’s Crabback Caribbean Restaurant

Originally based in London, BB’s Crabback Caribbean Restaurant, has found it’s way into Grenada and become both a staple of the island’s food culture and a tourist favorite. Hidden by the dock in St. George’s this unassuming restaurant provides meals and drinks that are bursting with flavor. Try their signature Curried Caribbean Special that utilizes tender goat meat and coconut milk, enjoy their fresh juices like soursop, and top it all off with their unbelievable Nutmeg ice cream, all while enjoying the breathtaking view of the harbor.


Nestled on the beach below the Maca Bana Luxury Resort, Aquarium is perfect for diners looking for a meal accompanied by a stunning view. It is the perfect spot for a relaxing Sunday lunch or for a dinner date to watch the sun set while palm trees sway from the gentle breeze of the sea. Aquarium’s dishes are exquisitely seasoned and prepared with some of the freshest meat and seafood. Dishes like their Curried Lambie, Cajun Shrimp Skewers, or their Callaloo soup are delicious reminders of why Grenada is called the Spice Isle.


Umbrellas is a perfect place for beach and bar lovers. Overlooking Grand Anse Beach, Umbrella provides the chance to enjoy the beach and beer with small or large groups of friends. Pair any of their beers or cocktails with their diverse food choices such as Carricou Love Bites, Beer Battered Shrimp, any of their Burgers, or mouthwatering Ribs.



Maca Bana

Maca Bana is a resort consisting of several types of uniquely designed one to two bedroom villas. Spread across the estate’s hills and facing the ocean villas provide privacy, a sense of luxury, and breathtaking views. Take a two minute walk to Aquarium, one of Grenada’s premier restaurants, or learn to cook gourmet dishes and local favorites like Oil Down under the instruction of a master chef. When you’re tired of cooking enjoy the relaxing turtle pond or book a private yoga session in your villa or atop the hill where you can take in the view of Magazine Beach.


True Blue Bay Resort

The vibrant True Blue Bay Resort provides a good mix of affordable yet extravagant. Their rooms have a comforting and beautiful feel that are only topped by their structure and design of their suites and phenomenal villas. Water lovers can enjoy plenty of water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and scuba certification all at their onsite certified dive center, Aquanauts Grenada. For the less water inclined there are a variety of indoor activities. Enjoy Latin dancing, yoga, rum tasting, and chocolate tasting. This resort is a the perfect place for those looking for a mix of adventure and relaxation.



Spread across 132,000 square feet of white sand beach, Kalinago hotel is great for couples or families looking for a unique experience. Get a drink from the swim up bar as you look out at the panoramic view of turquoise waters of Grenada. Their beachfront restaurant provides both delicious food and a more close up view of the stunning water. Learn about the island’s Kalinago culture through a traditional breakfast or a Kalinago inspired arts and crafts class. Relax through yoga or Tai Chi on the beach. Kalinago provides both opportunities to relax, learn about the Kalinago culture, or to even enjoy Crab Racing by the bar.




La Vida

La Vida is the fete for luxury lovers. Get a vip villa, your own private waitress, exquisite food, and delicious drinks while you dance on Paradise Beach to the music of the Spice Mas season.

Spice Addiction Fleet

Spice Addiction Fleet provides the chance to fete on the waters of Grenada. Gather your gang and prepare to get on bad on any of the four boats this event has to offer.

Sunny Side Up

Bring empty cups and eager waistlines to this Grenadian fete and prepare to get soaked with foam! Sunny side up is all about bad behavior, beautiful women, and bare bacchanal.


Jouvert (Jab Jab)

If you aren’t willing to get stink & dutty with the Grenadians don’t bother coming to Jab Jab! This j’ouvert is one of Grenada’s most traditional events and one of their premiere carnival events. Cover yourself in oil and paint to pelt waist through day break and certainly  don’t forget to wear your horns!

Jouvert (Jab Jab).jpg


Monday Night Mas

Monday Night Mas brings together fete lovers who don’t fear the darkness. Brown skin is highlighted by glow sticks moving in unison while waists follow the rhythm of soca and the sound of the Grenadian night. Join any of the several bands that compete for the number one spot in this event for the complete experience.


Pretty Mas

Pretty Mas is Jab Jab’s sexy sister. Bright colors, large headpieces (that are more feather than horn), and plenty of gems are used to display the creativity and beauty of the grenadian people. Come out to enjoy the site of hundreds of bodies enjoying soca and sunlight.