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Introducing CLTV Tours to St. Lucia

We Love St. Lucia

When we first visited St. Lucia back in 2011, we fell in love with the people, the ambiance, the nature, the activities and of course The Carnival. We just loved everything this nature isle had to offer. Seven Carnivals later and we are still entranced by St. Lucia.

St. Lucia is to the Caribbean as Hawaii is to the United States. Yes, it is that gorgeous!! It is a destination like no other, the home of The Pitons, a walk in volcano, mud baths and the kalinago people. Perfectly blended with the sweet vibes of soca, where you can dance the nights away with sand under your feet and the ocean adding rhythm to the music.

In 2018 we follow in the Prince of Carnival footsteps, as he leads the way providing double the fun and guaranteeing an amazing experience as only he can.

Travel with us across the island, partying like a local and touring like a visitor! Getting the absolute best of both worlds. Accompanied by expert guides with a blend of free time that’ll make you (like us) never want to leave.